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LanHao electric grandly held the Spring Festival of 2015

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Time flies, it is a season of snow, the time change, it is a romantic new year! In February 6th, Shanghai headquarters, Nantong Lanhao electric research and production base of all staff, excellent supplier representatives of sports hall, the South China Sea Hotel held 2015 "dream voyage, win in the year of the sheep" as the theme of the annual conference and awards ceremony in Nantong South Emma. All the staff will be afternoon sports hall in archery, table tennis, badminton, table tennis and other sports activities groups in central and South Emma, 5:18 conference and awards at the official opening of the South Sea Hotel, will be the ceremony as the theme, the leadership of the company site for the annual company outstanding staff, department level advanced employees 10 people awarded the certificate of honor and bonus.

The party program brilliant climax. Cable workshop, "" friend "to" sing the opening of a domineering as boundless as the sea and sky applause, the audience boiling; Dance "good luck" out of everyone on the 2015 vision of happiness; "tell" pieces of toast front-line staff on the leadership of the company's reverence; especially the finale drama "let wages fly", programming relaxation there, the feeding point is full, the whole show "crew" Acting superior, at one time, for all the participants presented a gluttonous feast of the great in strength and impetus. Art performances are interspersed with exciting first prize, iphone6, two prize, iPad, air and other awards draw section. The annual meeting has reached and exceeded the expected results. Through this annual meeting, it has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of all the staff of the company.

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