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Team spirit demonstrated here, the first "Fun Games"

Source:上海蓝昊   Date:2017-05-18   Hits:

In order to enrich the staff's cultural life, improve team spirit, promote the company's spiritual civilization and enterprise culture construction, the morning of October 28th, blue ho electric held the first autumn fun games.


Executive vice president Liu Hongyu delivered an opening speech to encourage employees to continue to play the spirit of LanHao's unity and dedication, to score results and to play out of style.


A total of two people, the tug of war, the ball ran three feet, rope skipping, badminton five games, all employees of the company to actively register and participate in the competition. Two people, three feet, is a very test of the whole team tacit understanding of the competition, the quality of the team on behalf of the team through good cooperation, the first breakthrough in the end, won the applause of the whole staff. After a day of intense competition, each project selection of winners, and win trophies and prize, all employees of the company have also received a gift.


The games full of team cooperation and enthusiasm, through the activities to enhance the company among the various departments and staff's feelings and understanding, but also the employees feel that the company to create a good atmosphere of work and life for employees in the heart.

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