A. Brand slogan - focus on high-end special cable

We focus on developing high-end special cable, our competitors are import brands, and our goal is to replace imported brand cable perfectly! We need to be the "first" in the customer's mind, and the first thing that comes to mind when they think of high-end special soft cables is the lan hao.

B. Enterprise mission - communication equipment, science and technology

Electric cable is "meridians" machinery and equipment, only strengthen the equipment from the perspective of Chinese medicine as a metaphor, connected, adjustable, embodies the LanHao with advanced scientific research technology not only ensure smooth machinery operation and maintain its enduring "pulse".

C.Enterprise development goal - high-end special cable leader

The electric cable industry is a key industry in the country. At present, foreign brands account for more than 80% of China's high-end special soft cable market, and its monopoly threatens the national industrial security. LanHao boldly into special soft cable industry, it is hope to squeeze foreign brand in China market, promote the progress of China's cable industry and achieve transcendence, and eventually the great goal of the healthcare industry.

D. Business philosophy - worth investing in detail

Lan hao innovative manufacturing, focusing on high-end, high-quality special soft cable,from appearance to quality,rom the inside out,it's the same inside and outside,same quality and appearance;Lan hao provides a reliable and durable, beautiful, compact and reasonable professional cable.Cost a lot of money where is easy to be ignored,but when you use it, you can get the details of the value,this is the way to success.

E. Corporate values - created for innovation

Innovation is the spirit that blue hao advocates and the way and goals that the lan hao people have always pursued. It is also the basic point of industry benchmarking. We forge ahead for the innovation of enterprises and cities. Creation is our way to absorb and sublimate European and American strengths to create new miles of wisdom.

Lan hao electric, created for innovation.

F. Enterprise spirit -- with the passion of mission, the challenge of not setting the end, endless innovation

Lan hao is a company with culture and cohesion. It has a future and an ideal enterprise. Open enterprises have different ideas, and also turn into a similar spirit; Never be satisfied, dare to challenge, so keep innovating; Passion is what makes innovation successful.